i'm not like everybody else. i don't do what i'm told.
i'm great at arguing, but i hate doing it. i laugh more
than i breathe, but only at stupid things. i don't get
good grades all the time. i hate getting in trouble, but it happens every day. i'll tell you straight out if i don't like you.
hell, i got a big mouth. but i also have a good heart
to match it and love you with all that i have.

i'm kate. and i'm 16 year old.
most photos aren't mine. ;]

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Maggie Smith

If the students at Hogwarts ever saw this picture of Professor McGonagall (known to us as Dame Maggie Smith) they would probably need a Revive Potion soon after.


Helen Mirren

Many seem to think that Helen Mirren is only getting better with age like a fine wine. But perhaps they would rethink that point of view if they saw this smoking hot picture of her from her youth.

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